About Me

About Me

I’m a husband. A father. I’m a writer. I’m an aspiring novelist. I’m a story teller.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the fantasy genre. As a kid I grew up with some amalgamation of Gandalf, Aslan, Eragon, Harry Potter, & Drizzt Do’Urden. As an adult I have continued my love for the genre, adding a few more to this list. The themes of good and evil as depicted in these books and others is what has always fascinated me, and the mythic, epic sense I get—the awe—is what has always captivated me by the genre. I love stories of treachery and redemption, depravity and hope. Loss and victory.

There are deep underpinnings to The Land of Lamp and Shadow that stretch back to my teen years, when I fell in love with writing for the catharsis of it, for the power a molded word can have. For the grim prosy-poetic scenes that flamed of their own accord from my heart as I captured and wrote them down, bleeding teen angst and familial-wrought pain onto a page.

I tried my hand at a narrative then, but life and pursing a more conventional career took preeminence at the time, and the crude framework of what Book I would one day become fell under a mountain of college classes, exams, and pursing a career that seemed “more acceptable” than the one set most deeply in my bones.

Sometime later, about five years ago, a nebulous string of events, ideas, motivations and “on-a-lark” story themes shifted into embryonic form. As a nurse I have ample amounts of free time, and during these stints I spent hours drawing and brainstorming in coffee shops, making maps and family trees I didn’t even know the characters of. I made up names of places and backstories, nations and peoples and histories and motives. The time was something like a flower as it first cracks through its seed. The harsh, cold soil of unknown surrounded these ideas, but as I watered and snipped and nurtured, roots took and things began to grow. It was in this time that the rough stones of what would become Book I were sifted out of the mire of my head, and given roughest shape.

Five years later, and I’ve just finished Book I’s 6th draft. At this point, it's as done as done is going to get, so it's off to the query trenches for me...

Besides these things, any free time that I haven’t fashioned out to spend on my book is spent with my family. I have a loving, kind, beautiful wife who lets me get away to work on this more-than-a-hobby-but-less-than-a-career for ample amounts of time each week. I also have an amazing daughter who I adore, who has no idea that her dad is writing a book, but who just wants to play with him and watch Finding Nemo together.

There is certainly more to be shared, but the length required would be exhaustive for what a palatable “about me” page requires. If you want to begin to know the stones that burn in my soul, the prisms that catch and refract and illuminate my life, then keep reading, keep checking in, and hopefully any curiosity you have is met as I work toward bringing what I care most about into the Light.

Happy Reading!

Jeffrey Ryan Beaupre